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The move from school to university – a student’s fresher perspective

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One of the challenges you can face in life is being a fresher at a or . A new chapter in your life, and it takes a strong will, courage, determination, and ambition to finish this chapter successfully.

High school students have many questions about the transition from school to university; from the life of a university student to the difficulty and benefits of the studies. It is a very challenging period; as well as studying for a degree, you will learn life skills, face your fears, learn how to live on your own, how to manage your budget, and how to choose the people you want and need in your life.

It is a normal reaction to have doubts, questions, and fear from this upcoming stage in your life.  Some anxiety and uncertainty are typical reactions when you are about to face something different, meet new people or start doing something new. Do not rush to find the answers to all your questions before the semester begins. Some things take time. Feeding your fears and anxieties will bring no results. Go with the flow, and you will experience your own student life; because every student’s story is different.

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The university is very different from life at school. University is all about individual learning. The lecturer only presents an overview of the material and advises on how to acquire additional knowledge. The student needs to find and learn the material, and find a way to determine what is required. The lecturer only sets a date for the exam. The student needs to decide when will they revise and how. You will have to work all this out for yourself.

University is very different from life at school; it's all about individual learning. Click To Tweet

University students spend less time in lectures compared to the time spent in school classrooms. At lectures, you are given material, and then you go. However, this does not mean you are “free”. It just means that you do not spend much time at university lectures because you need more time to self- and research the topics that interest you the most. Many students mishandle this “freedom” and try to learn everything a few days before an assignment is due, or sitting the exam; this usually ends with a poor result or worse, failing the exam.

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In the first year at university, freshers are anxious to ask questions because they are afraid that the others will consider them less intelligent. This is the biggest mistake. It is better to ask than to suppose and make a mistake.

What all former freshers know is a university does not only give you knowledge, it will also teach life skills, how to become an independent person and how to be more responsible.

Are you anxious about asking questions because you are afraid others will consider you less intelligent? It is better to ask than to suppose and make a mistake. Click To Tweet

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