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The move from school to university – a family perspective

Moving from school to college or university is amongst the most significant moves to make in your lifetime.  So many opportunities, so many things to do, sort out, ideas to get your head around – and so many of them are NEW.  And then there is the change in the learning environment as well – it can be a challenge. 

It’s up to you

Now you know where you’re staying, how you’re financing your (well, kind of), what bills you have to pay, what the ins and outs are on your bank account, what your budget looks like, how to make sure your whites don’t come out pink or grey in the wash and the hundred other things that come with moving out of home. You also have to contend with a new way of and being assessed.  This does not look like school!

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Your lecturers and tutors will give you a framework and tools to explore your area of study – but the rest is up to you.  The initiative, self-discipline, the library, timelines, and clear goals – these are up to the student to embrace and ensure you are on top of.  It is a lot to take on.  And it is essential.

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